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Yamanashi, a high quality sake-producing region blessed with sunshine and fresh mountain water

Yamanashi Prefecture is surrounded by mountains as high as 3,000 meters, including the world-renowned Mt. Fuji. The mountains block prevailing winds from the sea, which translates into relatively less rain and snow throughout the year. Yamanashi also has long hours of sunshine, and a high diurnal range. Rain and snow that fall on the mountains provide moisture to surrounding forests and eventually turn into subsoil water, flowing into the prefecture’s central area known as the Kofu Basin. Therefore, in a way, Yamanashi is like “Nature’s Water Jug.” Composed of granite and andesite, the fertile and deep soil of the basin drains the water at a steady rate.
It is this beautiful natural environment that cultivates such delicious alcoholic beverages.

Geographical Indication(GI)

GI designations for both wine and Japanese sake: a first in Japan!

In 2013, Yamanashi was the first in Japan to receive a GI Mark for its wine from Japan’s National Tax Agency. Then, in 2021, Yamanashi was recognized with yet another GI Mark for its Japanese sake. This was the first time in Japan for a single prefecture to be awarded with GI Marks for two types of alcoholic beverages.

What is Geographical Indication (GI)? Proof of correct place of origin and quality

Geographical Indication (GI) for alcoholic beverages is a system that can help local alcohol brands get discovered. Once a production region obtains approval from the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency in Japan, the region will be granted a GI Mark featuring their name to advertise on local products. In order for a product to be able to use the region’s GI Mark, it must be produced in the said region and meet certain production standards. Geographical Indication offers a way for regions to show their commitment to quality through harnessing their local climate, environment, and traditional production techniques.

Yamanashi’s high quality alcohol selections


World-renowned, medium-bodied wines steeped in a 150-year-old brewing history.

Japanese Sake

Sake made in winter with “kan-zukuri” or “cold-weather brewing,” a traditional method passed down for hundreds of years. The harsh winters and soft waters of Yamanashi help produce its well-renowned sake.

Yamanashi Prefecture: home to a collection of high-quality alcohol

  • Deep amber whiskies cultivated by the rich lands and renowned waters of Yamanashi.

  • A rich flavor profile crafted from Yamanashi’s renowned waters, a gift from local brewers.

  • Made from made from “Koshu Koume,” small plums with a strong sweet taste, Yamanashi’s umeshu has a mellow flavor and aroma.

  • Shochu containing high-quality, natural spring water that enhances the individual flavors of the accompanying ingredients.

  • Craft gin possessing a strong aromatic taste. Made with Yamanashi’s renowned waters and gin botanicals with no compromise on quality.

  • Aromatic spirit with a comforting taste, made with Yamanashi fruit.

Delicious alcoholic beverages produced from bountiful nature and master craftsmanship

Blessed with bountiful sunshine, natural spring water purified naturally over the years by earth’s strata, rich soil and a climate unique to the mountain-locked basin. These are all elements that contribute to Yamanashi’s delicious alcoholic beverages. First cultivated by the region’s bountiful natural resources, the alcohol is then refined by the skill of expert brewers and master craftsmen. Local brewers are always looking to challenge themselves to produce alcoholic beverages that meet the needs of the times, all while respecting and staying true to traditional methods.

  • World-renowned mountain spring water

    Natural spring water that percolates through Yamanashi’s rich soil gives our alcoholic beverages its unique flavor profiles.

  • A diverse topography

    A basin surrounded by imposing mountains, the region’s unique topography cultivates a rich flavor profile.

  • Abundant sunshine

    Lifeline to all living things and indispensable to the production of delicious sake, the abundant sunshine in Yamanashi gives added depth to our alcoholic beverages’ flavor.

  • High-quality fruit

    Yamanashi’s naturally favorable climate and topography paired with a long history of fruticulture has resulted in the production of high-quality fruit, an important ingredient in the making of alcoholic beverages.

  • An optimal climate created by Yamanashi’s imposing mountains

    With close to no typhoons and a large temperature difference between day and night, the region is optimal for the production of high-quality fruit.

  • Expert brewers with a passion for the craft

    Capturing the essence of Yamanashi’s waters and rich soil, the final products are refined by the hands of our expert brewers.

Savor what our beautiful ‘Wine Prefecture’ has to offer, only a 1.5 hour-journey away from Tokyo!

At around 1.5 hours away by car or by train, Yamanashi Prefecture is easily accessible from Tokyo. In addition to visiting Mt. Fuji and other tourist attractions, why not try visiting Yamanashi’s vineyards, wineries, sake breweries, and lakes famous for their mineral water? By meeting local brewers, visiting the rich natural sites that contribute to the production of our delicious alcoholic beverages and getting a feel for the context in which a product was made, you are sure to find one that speaks uniquely to you.

Yamanashi Prefecture can be reached in about 1.5 hours by car or 1.5 hours by train from Tokyo.

  • Experience the Yamanashi terroir through factory tours and wine tastings at our beautiful wineries surrounded by luscious vineyards.

  • Tour our atmospheric sake breweries, indulge in some sake tasting, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet at the breweries’ adjacent cafes.

  • From old and historically significant distilleries to brand new distilleries, Yamanashi has it all, with tours and tastings also available.

  • From beers made with fruits to beers made from a variety of other local products, enjoy the unique flavor profiles that Yamanashi has to offer.

  • From their deep green shade in early summer, to their various shades of color in autumn, Yamanashi vineyards are a must-see in every season.

  • In total, seven of Yamanashi’s water systems have made the Ministry of the Environment’s “Japan’s 100 remarkable waters” lists published in 1985 and 2008, respectively.